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  1. Hey .. Is anyone beginning clinicals at Terry starting in January?? Or has anyone recently taken clinicals there and know about what type of schedules are offered for the first semester? Is there a chance that I wouldn't have any classes on 1 day a week ... say Fridays?? Or is it always 5 days a week??
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  3. by   MIC!
    I can't speak for Terry Campus. But, at Owens Campus where I start clinicals in January has a weird schedule to it. My first 4 weeks I'll be going M-W attending one class. Then, immediately after that class ends I'll be attending another class that is M-F from Feb. through May 5. At which point my 1st clinical semester ends. Reminds me a little of Wilmington College's block semesters in a way.

    If I were you I would plan on being available for school Monday through Friday for clinicals. They make you aware that the clinical schedule may change with no prior notice. And they are very, very strict about people missing classes.