Loan Forgiveness??

  1. I am a new graduate nurse who was hoping to have her loans forgiven in exchange for a job. Our instructors told us that as RN's we would have this option and would be able to bargain for it. I have interviewed and accepted a job offer in Delaware but the nurse recruitor said No bonus, No loan forgiveness. I only owe about $7,000 but it sure would be nice Not to have another payment.
    Anyone have any advise?
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  3. by   tlwkaw
    Hi I'm currently a student nurse at DTCC Terry campus I am taking A&P 2 this summer and only have micro. and clinical math left until clinicals.I was wondering if anyone out there knows what to expect in clinicals.You hear so many different stories! Anything I need to get prepared for?
    Tlw from Middletown Delaware
  4. by   JDID
    I just graduated as an LPN and was offered employment for Manor Care in NJ. From what I understand they have different branches in DE. They offer loan forgiveness but it was kind of crappy. They offered $100 a month to be applied to your loan payments for as long as you work there. Hope that helps.