improving attrition

  1. I am working on a research project for my degree, and am interested in hearing from RN's who have either left the bedside (direct care) environment, or have left healthcare entirely. I would appreciate 1) the reasons for job dissatisfaction
    and 2) suggestions to improve the environment (ie salary, benefits, respectful treatment, schedule flexibility and accomodation etc) Please be candid as we cant make improvements in our field unless you freely voice your opinion.
    Also anyone who knows of nurses that have left the practice, let me know there reasons and what would bring them back to nursing. Thank you!
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  3. by   purplemania
    Try for a white paper called Health Care at the Crossroads. Gives you some stats. I left bedside because 12 hr shifts were just too hard for me physically. I am in staff development now and love it. Would not leave nursing, and feel that the best thing about the profession is all the flexibility.