DTCC Ranking ; Anyone else applying for an Aug '16 start?

  1. So currently the ranking is as follows:

    2 points for being a Delaware resident
    4 points maximum for an A in Bio 120 (A&P1)
    4 points maximum for an A in Mat 129 (math for health sciences)
    6 points maximum for NLN.

    So, you can total 16 points and I have 15. I have an A in Bio120, a B in May 129 and scored in the 93rd percentile for the NLN allowing me the full six points.

    From what the woman at the info session told me, it's rare for ppl to score the full 16 points, so I'm hoping that my score guarantees me a seat. I'm taking the HLh course now. Needless to say I'm SUPER HYPED but I'm also wondering what to expect with preparing for and beginning clinicals. My goal is to get my associates and move on to WilmU for my bachelors. I actually already have completed done courses for my bachelors degree.

    Anyone else applying for the March deadline?? I'll be at Stanton.
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  3. by   myelitenurse2b
    Good luck!
  4. by   sarahski91
    Did you end up getting in? I'm applying this fall with pretty much the same rank as you.