Delaware Tech Questions--Jan. 2013

  1. I just got accepted to the Delaware Tech clinical's for January 2013. I did not go to Del Tech for pre-reqs because I did a four year degree in Biology/Chemistry. I just have some questions....
    How much approx does the semester cost in tuition and books?
    How large is the class?
    How difficult do you think the program was?
    And finally....How are the classes set up? Like 5 days a week all day or can you schedule it maybe four days a week to have an extra day to work?

    Just wondering! If anyone else is starting there in January without having gone to Del Tech and doesn't know anyone let me know! I'd like to know at least ONE person before I start haha!
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  3. by   Wala.h1991
    Hi I'm looking for the same answers and now that you probably started the program can you tell me about the schedule ?