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Degree Plan Evaluation Help

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Hi I'm looking for advice. I left the nursing program for a few semesters to complete my history's and stats classes. I had to reapply and resubmit my new transcripts. Anyway I am currently taking college algebra at a community with two month to go till I finish but I seen on my New degree plan evaluation they accepted my intermediate algebra class as college algebra. Should I drop the current college algebra class I am enrolled in or just finish it in case when I apply for graduation they say something. The intermediate algebra is similar to college algebra but when I attended UTA previously it wasn't accepted and now they have it listed as accepted in my degree plan. I'm confused on what to do. I really can't stand this college algebra course.

Have you talked to an advisor? They would be able to give you a more exact answer, since they can look at what you have now vs what is required.

To be considered what courses should be taken at UTA vs. Jr. College? I know mostly all, but I was thinking English 1 and 2, Literature, & Technical writing at Jr. I'm confused with how to be considered per the school wanting 12 of 16 science hours and 30 plus prereqs. hours. Any advice is great advice. TIA!