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Degenerative Brain Disease


My boyfriend's brother has a degenerative brain disorder. He also has seizures with it. He's in a wheelchair now and he can't speak... can someone tell me more about degenerative brain disease? I'd ask my boyfriend, but he's extremely sensitive about it, his brother's only 12 and his brother was born with this. He described it to me as a painful way to die. Any information will be appreciated. Thanks

What specific questions do you have? I will say that degenerative brain disease is a tragic disease and there is usually no cure. Mostly they are just treated symptomatically with the goal being improved quality of life. Is his brother seeing a pediatric neurologist?? Has the family looked into any support groups??

Has he been diagnosed with a specific name for his disease?

Take care and hang in there and the best advice I can give is to just love his brother and treat him the same as any other child his age.

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