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Deficient in 3 hours

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I am currently applying to the Board of Nursing in Florida and Hawaii to sit the NCLEX. I graduated from The University of Notre Dame, Australia with a Bachelor's in Nursing. I also worked as a registered nursing in Australia. The educational evaluation services I used stated, although I have over 200 hours more clinical then required by both states my theory was 3 hours deficient in child health and 3 hours deficient in maternity. I am in the process of trying to show the evaluation services that while on clinical I had to fill out paperwork (a legal document for nursing in Australia) after every 8.5 hour shift linking what I did on shift to theory. Unfortunately my documentation is in transit from Australia to the States.

My question is can anyone suggest how to get more theory hours in child health/maternity? I would like to proactive in making up theory hours but unsure of how to go about it. I should ad that I am currently in South Korea volunteering until the end of the year so online options would be extremely helpful.

Thanks in advance for advice.

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