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Declaratory Order advice please!

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I sent a Declaratory Order to the BoN in order to get accepted into the LVN program. Attached were copies of court papers and a written explanation.

As I understood it, this DO gave me the green light to get my Fingerprint background check. And then it would go into review.

I received in the mail a letter saying that my background check showed a record and that I needed to send a written detailed explanation of the event.

I called BoN because I thought I had already done so in my DO. So I called and told the lady I already sent it.

She said it wasn't detailed enough. But she hesitated and didn't sound sure of her answer. She did cut me off constantly, giving me the impression she just wanted me off the line.

My question is, should I call back again to double check. Or do I write another letter?

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