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Declaration of Primary State of Residence

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Hi All

I am international graduate residing in UK with British Passport.

1. I am in process of filling up New Mexico BON. I came across the form to ''Declaration of primary state of residence'', I can't put any US states as primary state of residence because i am living in UK. Is there anyone can help me please.

2. Also need help to find the way of getting Completion of nursing program in English in another country - Is is just letter from my School of nursing in India in their letter head?

Please help me to complete my application. Thanks in advance.

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JustBeachyNurse has 10 years experience as a RN and specializes in Complex pediatrics turned LTC/subacute geriatrics.

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Follow the instructions for licensing by examination as an international educated nurse. Hopefully you were generalist trained as that is what is required in US & Canada. You must have clinical and theory in adult med/surg, geriatrics, pediatrics, psych/ mental health, and obstetrics/women's health.

Page 2 here: http://nmbon.sks.com/uploads/FileLinks/67319fd61b0b4da28dfa2111728a4d46/RN_LPN_EXAM_Apr14.pdf

Describes what needs to be done as an IEN. You need to have your educational credentials evaluated by CGFNS.

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