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Decision to make, LTC to Assisted Living?


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I graduated in December and began working as an LPN in LTC - just hit the 90 day mark. I like my job, but I drive about 20 miles or so to work (not too far) and work 2-10:30, 72 hours per pay period. I miss my family with this shift. I planned to work for at least 1 year before I'd start looking for a different job, but an opportunity has presented itself. I have unofficially been told that I am going to be offered a new job in assisted living, 60 hours per pay period, 5:15pm-5:30am on Mondays, 6-12am Sat&Sun (every other), and 5:15am-5:30pm on Fridays. I can add extra hours by possibly working in home care. Pay is about 50 cents less per hour, except on overnights, I'd make about 75cents more than I make now. The message I received was from a family friend who basically said that the interviewer was so impressed, she wants to do whatever it takes to get me the hours so I will accept the job.

Does anyone have any words of wisdom, happy thoughts, or negative ideas about this? I don't know if I'd be hurting myself by making this switch? I do like my job, but not sure if I'm more concerned with leaving it because I like it so much, or if I don't like the idea of quitting a job so quickly.