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Deciding on a nursing progam...

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Hi everyone!

I have been debating what type of nursing program I want to pursue, hoping to get some feedback! I just graduated with a business degree and I landed my first job and I'm currently working full-time. With all of my loans coming due I'm realizing that I would be better off paying for my second degree out of pocket without adding to my loans as I'm making as much now as I will be when I come out of school and I'm feeling the financial burden. So I've decided to look at Gwynedd Mercy and Abington Dixon night/weekend programs.

However, in light of the awful economy and the competitiveness of the job market in the area, would I be better off going in with both feet at a school like UPenn or Jefferson? I'm curious if these student have had an easier time find jobs. I'm also thinking about my future goals, I really want to work in L&D, PICU or NICU, or maybe all three at some point in my career, do any of these schools make these goals more attainable??


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