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December RN Grad with interview questions!

EKTheRN specializes in Pediatrics.

Hello all!

I am an RN student anticipating graduation in December (33 days to be exact!), and I have been blessed to have landed an interview with a very large children's hospital in my area. I am interviewing for a position in the hospital's Intermediate Care Unit, which from what I hear is essentially a step-down unit.

First off, do you guys have any interview pointers, especially regarding a pediatric position? What kind of questions should I ask them? I know they appreciate receiving questions so I want to be prepared.

Also if you work in an intermediate care unit/know someone who does, what is the environment like? Obviously it's a step-down so it won't be the most critical kids but I'm definitely expecting some cases that are too critical for a med surg floor.

Any and all advice is appreciated!


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