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death certificate question


A family member on my sister's in-laws side of the family died and the death certificate says cause of death sepsis, ischemic bowel, and low flow. Does anyone know any more about this. He originally went in for an anurism in the stomach to be removed. Then got an infection and they went back and removed his gallbladder. Then he died from the above 1 week later. A member of the family is having a hard time understanding his cause of death and I don't really know much about the diagnosis or what to telll her. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Could you suggest that the family member speak with his doctor? The doctor could explain how the cause of death listed on the death certificate relates to what the family knows about his reason for being in the hospital. Maybe you could be there also, so you could "interpret" if needed, or simply help ask questions in a way that would help the family member understand what happened.

canoehead, BSN, RN

Has 30 years experience. Specializes in ER.

Sounds good to me too, that is a really stressful situation for you to have to interpret a doc's words and answer for any inconsistencies. Offer to go with her so you can reexplain whatever he says, but it's better to get the official story from him first.

renerian, BSN, RN

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Yes I would talk to the doc as well.


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