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Dealing with an impossible patient

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Have a patient who is at best a terrible hypochondriac, at worst incredibly lazy. This patient weighs almost 400 lbs (not that I judge his weight I've taken care of heavier) and refuses to get up to go to the bathroom even though he is physically capable and physical therapy have told him it's part of his treatment. He insists on using the urinal (but here's where it gets crazy) EVERY 45 MINUTES! he never voids any more than 20ml at most (and we've checked to make sure he's not retaining) he refuses to wear briefs even now that he's been put on a temporary dose of lasix (God have mercy) and EVERY TIME we try to encourage him to get up to use the toilet (this extends the time between voids to about 3-4 hours) he comes up with every excuse he can think of. Made up stories about how his doctor says he's not supposed to walk (we know this isn't true), his fat gets pinched in the toilet seat (I've check his skin after every toilet use and saw no redness, or irritation), etc. A new excuse for every one I dispute. When you dispute every last excuse he can think of he changes the subject to how he thinks he's allergic to one of his medications (which one changes every time he tells the story). I've had to start telling him we've changed the medication, for example from immodium to loperamide, and somehow he feels miraculously better. Then something else is wrong with him. It's like he doesn't understand what a rehab unit is for. Or even long term care. It seems like he only want to be put into long term care so he can get pampered rather than to assist with day to day care. He asks for a full bed bath after urinal use. Because he's "here because he needs help" we have to answer his call light when it goes off every 15-30 minutes because he's "here because he needs help". Mind you, the man is 70 years old and fully in control of his own mind, and CHOOSES to make other people wipe his butt for him, refuses to even try, when he is perfectly capable of doing it himself. I'm losing my patience with him so fast. It's been a few weeks but I don't know how to deal with him anymore.

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