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Dealing with Bullying/Lateral Violence Incident

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I recently participated in an internship program (Perioperative Nursing 101) in the operating room at our local hospital.  I was training with one of the OR nurses during gynecologic surgery for uterine polyps.  The suction canisters were beginning to fill up with bloody drainage from the procedure and the nurse recommended that I change one of the canisters, which I did with no problem.  I told her that I was going to change the other canister that was filling up and she said that I didn't need to do that right away.  I told her that I might as well since I had all of the equipment I needed in front of me and and she said "you're not listening to me but do what you want."  I changed the other canister and as I pulled it out, the bottom exploded all over my leg with bloody uterine irrigation water.  The nurse told me that she knew this would happen but didn't say anything and let me do it to teach me a lesson. She said that I deserved what happened.  She would not let me leave the room to clean up and said that I would be abandoning my patient, and I had to stay for the remainder of the surgery.  At the conclusion of the surgery about 20 minutes later, the patient was moved to PACU and I went to the locker room to quickly shower and change scrubs.  I voiced my concerns to my main preceptor (a different nurse than the one during the procedure) and she said that I should not waste time showering and that I should have just dealt with it to save time. She also said that it was on my pants and not in my eyes so that it was ok.  I told her that people can have nicks on their legs from shaving, and it is possible for the blood and body fluids to soak through my pants which were saturated. She said that she was an OR nurse for 30 years and touches things all of the time and didn't catch any bloodborne pathogens.  She also said that I should get used to being sprayed with things and that if I have a problem with that I shouldn't work in the OR. She said that what the other nurse did was ok because it taught me a lesson.    This happened last week and I was initially afraid to speak up in fear of retaliation. However, this has bothered me so much that I told HR today. They were shocked and agreed that this was inappropriate, and encouraged me to notify my director. My director was shocked to find out this information and said that she will sit down with the other nurse and let me know what happens. What the other nurse did to me was unacceptable and I would like to know if I should take any additional actions. Is the action of a nurse purposefully letting somebody get soaked with body fluids illegal if she knew this could be prevented? Luckily the patient did not have anything contagious that I am aware of and seemed like a nice normal person, but the idea of what happened just sickens me.  Since this happened I have quit my internship and have transferred to another area of the hospital where I am treated with respect.  What additional actions would you recommend? Please advise! Thank you!

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