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DC BON I have a license number but I dont have my results.


Hey everybody,

I took my NCLEX, unfortunately, for the third time on Monday. It has since been 3 days and I still am unable to view my quick results from Pearson. The first two times I was able to view them without a problem. I have tried the "trick" and I have received the pop up that my results are on hold. I have also searched my name in the Washington, D.C. online professional License search page and it states that I have a RN#. However I do not know if this shows me that I passed because that RN# that I have does not have an issue date nor expiration date. It also lists the Status of my RN# is

[TABLE=width: 100%]


[TD=colspan: 1]agency1prof0licStatus535.

Does anyone have any idea about what I should think?

Thank you. :)[/TD]



I just took the DC RN on February 4th. DC assigns you a license # after you submit your application to DOH, so it's there before you even take the NCLEX.

"agency1prof0licStatus535" means they do not yet have NCLEX results for you. "Active" status means you have a license. :)

I bet you know by now, though-- just saw this was 5 days ago. Good luck!