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3 days under the belt.


Ok I was a PCA on my floor before I became a nurse. Wow. In three days, it's been crazy. Whole new respect for nurses. Im allready up to three patients. One day it seemed like I had 5. Not sure how that happened.

Frankly right now Im feeling like Im in over my head. I know that won't always be the way it is.

Iv'e also come to hate admission, discharge. Man that screw everything up. Specially med rec's OMgoodness.

Hello I'm Jtejas:bugeyes:

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congratulations on becoming a nurse!!!!

it is amazing to me how much we learn once we step into another person's shoes. i have on occasion been pulled to tech for the entire shift and that is the hardest job ever. i found new respect for cna's.


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Congrats! I cannot wait until I can post the fact that I have become a nurse. I am sure you will catch on quickly and be running your shifts smoothly in no time. A lot of things can seem overwhelming at first, but as soon as you adjust everything just falls into place. Good luck!

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