Hi everyone!  I am a new grad nurse that went straight into ICU starting last September. I started out on night shift and had a very hard time. I went onto the unit on my own during peak season and was very overwhelmed with being a new nurse  combined with not adjusting to nights. Things started to slow down and I still was hating ICU, applying and interviewing to other jobs outside of the hospital  and by chance a day shift ICU position opened up and I took it. Now about 3 months into day shift I am a happier person, but I still don’t like ICU. I do not love adrenaline rushes or crashing patients. I had a loved one pass away in an ICU one week before I started and I think it really skewed my interest and has led to me viewing The unit in a different light.  I like routine. I can work well with critical patients as I consider myself being very detail oriented and organized. I like to know what I’m doing and focus on doing it well.   I get a lot of anxiety before work.  Sometimes sick to my stomach. I have called in sick due to anxiety. And now on day shift I get floated to med surg at least once a week. Also increasing my anxiety due to never knowing where I will be or what I’m doing.    A position has has opened up in my hospitals (I believe level 3) NICU which seems fitting for my personality. Critical patients I can pay close attention to, but hone in on a smaller skill set. I see myself happy in NICU. But my few months on night shift were so tough I am not sure what’s the right thing for me.    Physical health on days, or mental health on nights where I can see myself happy but battling my emotional tired self.    ANY input would be so appreciated!