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Anyone know where to Buy the iridescent danksos or any brand honestly. I have looked everywhere! :(

I just ordered mine online (eBay, Amazon, Dansko's site), which I loved because I could pick from a TON of prints/colors that not all stores offered :)

I've found a lot of different ones, but can't find the iridescent ones. I found a pair of used one for $17 but the toe part has color missing.

Dansko's website has a find a retailer search. Call ahead.

I'm on my 4th pair and so damn picky I'd be willing to drive 1-2 hours for a big selection of my size, 37.

The retailers in my area have small selections.

Uniform Advantage has the best selection IMO, but they are more expensive for Dansko. Still worth it though. I could never order Dansko online, they are hand made and each shoe fits uniquely.

I will try that. Thank you!