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Ok guys, help me out. I have an interview for my dream job in the Cardiovascular Surgery Unit. I'm so nervous but i want to make a good impression (and of course land the job) what questions should I ask? Its a group interview also, which I have never been in a group interview before so how should I handle that? Not really sure who would come to a group interview either... nurse manager and HR rep I guess? Any advice would be welcome. Thanks in advance!!

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Make sure to bring enough copies of your resume for EVERYONE...which could be Nurse manager, assistant nurse manager, director, charge nurse, staff nurse, unit educator, supervisor etc.

What do you want to know about the job?

Length of orientation?

Structure of orientation?

Educational requirements?

Educational opportunities?

Types of patients? Just cardiac?

Nurse-patient ratios?


Relationship between cardiologists, surgeons, and nurses?

Length of patient stays?


The ideal candidate?