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CVS report to NYSED without school transcripts authenticated authenticated


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I applied for Credentials Verification Service for New York state Oct2019. The problem was my education transcripts from school was not accepted by CGFNS stated the signature and seal are not accepted. CGFNS sent Request for Assistance to my school by email to request signatures of every officials and school seal, my school received it but not being responsive to it which they delay the response with excuses. I will do my best to facilitate the process such as paying service fee to my school so that they will take this more seriously. I am worried if my school refused to respond to RFA. My CVS will expire in 2 weeks. Did anyone experience same thing with me , that CVS report was sent to NYSED with the school transcripts that are not authenticated ? I am worried my eligibility to take NCLEX will be denied by NYSED.

Please help me with some advices.

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New York will make their own assessment and request further information if required. I would wait and see