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Hi everyone,

After long hours of preparation for my interview with Cleveland Clinic, I finally got an offer at their CVICU J5-6! 

If anyone has experience working at CVICU at Cleveland Clinic, how did you like it? How was the unit culture? How much do you make an hour? I work in California RN and I am transitioning from ED to their ICU... Feel free to tell me anything about Cleveland, which neighbor to look into when finding a room or a house. 

I am happy to help and share my interview process and experience with Cleveland Clinic. Good luck to new grads and experiences nurses looking for jobs at the Clinic! 


I have a scheduled interview with Cleveland Clinic for a position in the CVICU. Though it is a new grad position which is different than yours,  I was wondering if you could tell me more about your interviewing experience and any insights into Cleveland clinic if you're at capacity.

dlee50 specializes in TELE.

What type of clinical questions did they ask??


CriticalCareIsCool specializes in CVICU.

I have been loving it here! I moved from California too and have had an amazing experience so far. It’s not easy, but everyone is amazing and super helpful. When do you start?

RN_Olivia specializes in Cardiovascular Surgery.

It's the worst. They talk *** about new nurses their back all the time. I'm working in J building and I think it's just the culture here. I remember I cried every day during my orientation period. So many people quitted even before they finish their orientation. They think they are the best and so rude and aggressive. Managers don't do anything. No one will be listening to you. I never recommend Cleveland clinic. 


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