24 cute fleece Air-Shield isolette covers need a new home - free!

by iyqyqr iyqyqr Member Nurse

Specializes in NICU.

My NICU went to all Giraffe incubators and open warmers. Therefore, I have 24 Air-Shield covers that I made that need a new home. I am giving away the covers, but would appreciate help with shipping costs. The covers are made of 2 layers of fleece; a nursery print on one side and a matching solid color inside. This provides good soundproofing from alarms. Parents love the nursery prints such as Winnie-the-Pooh and Snoopy! The one downside is that the high heat of the hospital laundry dryers destroys them. Some units have their own washers and dryers, as mine did, or they send their baby laundry out to private laundry companies for more TLC. These covers will last for years and be low care (no wrinkles) IF they are laundered properly. Please take that into consideration.

If you are interested in viewing the covers or more info, please message me and I will email you the photo album or you can view all of them on my FB post. I have recently retired after 31 years of neonatal ICU nursing and I'm trying to downsize my NICU storage from my life. :)