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CURRENT srna’s/crna’s who went to school with only a year of ICU experience

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Hi all,

I’ve read numerous posts on here in which users have debated whether a year of ICU experience is enough before CRNA school.

BUT I’m interested in hearing from CURRENT SRNAs or CRNAS who have completed or are in the process of completing CRNA school with only a year or so of prior ICU experience.

For those of you CURRENT SRNAs or CRNAs who were admitted to school with only a year of ICU nursing, did you struggle in school/during clinical? If so, where did you struggle the most? Do you wish you would have done things differently? Please share your experience.

Again, CONGRATS to everyone who has been accepted to school with only a year of ICU experience (I’ve loved reading your feedback on other posts), but I’m only interested in hearing from current students or CRNA’s. Thank you for your input!

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