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Hi everyone! I am currently in my last semester of nursing school and am taking a nursing research course. I am having trouble finding a research topic for my paper. The goal for this semester long project is to find evidence based practice literature to help solve a clinical problem. I would like to choose a topic that I am interested in, but also has lots of current research on the topic. I am thinking about a topic that relates to elderly patients on med- surg units, or something that has to do with mental health. Any ideas? Thanks so much! :)

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Read studies on Dementia in the clinical setting in peer reviewed journals as well as read the geriatric nursing, LTC, and the med surg nursing forums to get plenty of ideas.

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Go to the library (physically or online) ... and browse journals that focus on one of the topics that interest you. Just skim, like you were flipping through magazine in the dentist's office. See what specific topics are discussed/studied a lot. Skim the last 2 or 3 years. Choosing on of the topics that you find easily/frequently in the recent literature will make your school project easier.