Current Nursing student thinking about joining the Air Force

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I'm currently on my third year of nursing and thinking of joining the Air force.

My goals is to be a nurse anesthetist.What could be my options within the AF?


jeckrn, BSN, RN

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You need to speak with a healthcare recruiter to find out what options are available at this time. You should also talk with the Army & Navy to make sure the AF is the best fit for you.


jfratian, MSN, RN

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If you know 100% that CRNA is your goal, then you need to hold off on the AF until you are at least accepted to a CRNA program. That is the quickest way. If you join the AF right out of school, you will spend 2 years as a med-surg RN and 4-8 years as an ICU RN before the AF will even let you apply to the CRNA program.

That means finish the BSN, work as an RN for a year in a high acuity ICU, and then apply to CRNA. There is retroactive loan repayment (ADHPLRP) for practicing CRNAs and the HPSP program for incoming CRNA students.