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Current or Former FRCC Students

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by Satori77 Satori77 (Member)

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If anyone has gone through, or is going through the nursing program at FRCC, I would appreciate any advice. I'm in my last semester of prereqs. So far I've done great in all my classes. I've gotten an A in every prereq, including (so far) three out of the four classes I am in the middle of now.

The only problem I am having is A&P. I bombed my first lab practical and got a 76. And I've only gotten Bs on my other two big tests. Right now I have an 84 in that class. I know it's not terrible, and maybe I shouldn't beat myself up over it, but I'm worried that one grade will prevent me from getting in. I know it is competitive and a lot of people apply.

How heavily are the grades weighted? Another prenursing student told me that the Hesi test is actually more important than the prereqs. Is that true? I haven't taken the Hesi yet. I plan on taking it in December after my classes are over so I can focus on studying for that.

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