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Current Cal State Long Beach students


Hello everyone!

I am in need of some help from current CSULB students on keeping a job during the BSN program. I had my interview last week and I have a pretty high score, so I have hopes that I will get accepted. In the eventhe I get in for spring 2016, I am going to need to work. I currently work per diem as a sitter, but have the opportunity to transfer positions and work part time as a tele tech (2×/week @0700-1930). In your opinion, would it be hard to balance 24 hrs plus school? I have already taken pharm, so I would just be taking patho and theat other core nursing classes. Any input is greatly appreciated!

Did you end up at CSULB? How do you like the program?

tnbutterfly - Mary, BSN, RN

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