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Current APRN in IHS looking to transfer to USPHS

by stevie233 stevie233 (New) New

Hello Everyone,

I'm currently a Nurse Practitioner practicing within IHS. After having conversations with some currently commissioned officers, I've taken an interest with USPHS (Commissioned Corps).

The biggest question I have is what rank I would potentially come in as? I have four years of floor nursing experience and then four years of NP experience. My current federal grade is GS-12. I can't seem to find too much data or information out there on the specifics. If I were to guess, I would come in as O-2 or O-3.

Anyone else have some insight?

Thank you!

jfratian, MSN, RN

Specializes in ICU. Has 9 years experience.

Likely you'd be an O-3. You get 2 years of credit for the MSN and 4 years of credit for 8 years of full time working experience. You only need 4 years of credit total for O-3.