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CT machines


I am a nurse at a small rural hospital in tv e panhandle of OK. We had a 4 slice CT MACHINE that broke down. I am looking for direction on finding a used CT SCANNER from a hospital that would be willing to get rid of a 16 slice. Can anyone help?

dianah, ADN

Specializes in Cath Lab/Radiology. Has 46 years experience.

Do an online search for "refurbished CT scanner" and you will find many sources of reliable, refurbished scanners.

As when buying a used car, I would want to see past service maintenance logs and know that a reliable mechanic also went over the machine with a fine-toothed comb before I purchased.

Plus, to disassemble and then re-install such a unit requires a whole 'nother knowledge base and heavy equipment -- such as one would get if purchasing from a reliable company.

Your purchasing and administration staff should have protocols and policies in place for how to proceed with such high-end purchases.