CT Guided fluro tips?

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Hi all! I'm a Stress Lab nurse that covers IR on occasion so I'm familiar with most processes but we will be adding weekend call for CT guided fluro procedures that take place in our Cath Lab. Our Cath Lab nurse is self taught for the most part and I don't know that I trust her guidance with these procedures. I used to work in a Venous Access Center where we troubleshot clogged catheters and such so I'm somewhat familiar with nurses roles in ct guided procedures but can anyone walk me through their typical process and what they handle during these procedures. Our techs are fantastic and they ran the whole thing today but I'm just not sure what I should be charting and what I need to be looking out for drug wise in case something goes south.

Bonus points if you are a meditech user!!

Thanks all! Any pointers are welcome 🙏

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CT guided fluoro procedures (that I assisted with) were primarily biopsies, chest tube placements, and drain placements. My responsibilities were preparing the sterile tray, proper patient positioning, administering IV fent and versed, conscious sedation monitoring, and recovery. If there was much wire work, a rad tech would come and be sterile to assist the doc. I was never sterile.