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CSULB anatomy class

Hampt01 Hampt01 (New) New

Does CSULB have actual cadavers in their lab? Just wondering because some schools only have models or some type of simulations that take away from the learning experience lol.

Yes, CSULB has human cadavers in their lab, in addition to the models. It's a great class to take there. It's a lot of work, but it's well taught and interesting. And, with having human cadavers, I think you get an experience that a lot of schools do not. It's great, and I think they were just finishing up a dissection of a new cadaver, so I am sure that will be used in the next semesters. I think it is so much more beneficial then trying to learn human anatomy through the dissection of a cat. It's a great class, I definitely recommend it.


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