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CSUF spring 2011 EL-BSN application


Hello i am a new member here...i am a 2nd year prenursing student at csuf and i am planning to apply this year....i am really worried about applying right now and scared that i might not be accepted...this is actually my 2nd time applying..i applied during freshmen year but i know at dat time i was shooting for the moon..i only had my prereqs grades and teas to submit...but for this year i am volunteering at a hospital and i hope this will help boost my application.....

i dnt know if it is true but do any of u guys happen to know that if its ur scnd time applying they will accept you?jst a rumor dat i heard

i tried to talk to the advisors at campus but they were not really helpful and are sometimes not there.so i was hoping since this is a nursing forum..i might be able to get more infos here

I am really feeling stressed out right now..and i only want to go to csuf for nursing and no place else...i wud appreciate it if u guys wud gve me some advices.THanks!