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CSUCI Fall 2020

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Starting a thread for those applying to CSUCI for the Fall 2020 cohort.  Channel Islands is my first choice as I am a pre-nursing student there and I love the school.  Very nervous about this as they will be doing interviews this time around plus we don't exactly know what their scoring criteria is.

My Stats:

TEAS 85.3%

4.0 GPA

over 200 hours of volunteer time

current CSUCI student


Good luck to everyone who is applying.  Let us know if you have any more information on their selection process.

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I am also applying as well. CSUCI is my second choice. 

My stats:

Teas: 89.2

cumulative gpa: 3.86

over a 1,000 hours of cna experience

 not a current CSUCI student

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