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Hi guys,

I am applying to CSU Pueblo's nursing program this May in hopes that I will be admitted January of 2019. I am really nervous because my current GPA is a 3.38, so definitely on the lower end. The problem I am having is that they said they would let me know by the end of July and the lease on my apartment is up early August. If I get in, I am planning to move to Pueblo. However, this short two weeks does not give me a lot of time. I guess my question here is, has anyone applied to this program recently? Do I have any chance of getting in or should I apply elsewhere and re-sign on my lease here in Colorado Springs?

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Hello llshaffer,

I can't say i know much about the GPA requirements for this application cycle, but I am relatively in the same boat as you - GPA wise, not were I want it. But I can say that the drive to CSU-Pueblo is not bad at all from the Springs, there is not really any traffic to and from there, with the exception of when there is a accident or fire. It's really up to you, if you want to commute or move to Pueblo. I am applying in a few weeks as well - best of luck.

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