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Hey Everyone!

Quick question- if you recieve financial aid at Charity, do they personally deduct your tuition from it?? I have accepted my aid online, as well as signed my MPN. Are there any other steps that you need to complete? I just want to make sure that I don't have to manually pay them. I am so paranoid that my classes will get dropped!! I guess i wont be satisified until I'm sitting in class on the 18th. Good luck to all of you Spring 2011 students... it's getting close!!!!!


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Charity will automatically take out the money for tuition and if you have a balance they will give you the difference back 2 weeks after school. Also, if you buy books for the Delgado bookstore you can go there and use your aid and they will also deduct it from your financial aid. You have done everything that you were supposed to do! Let me know if you have any more question. See you soon, and good luck with everything!!


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Thanks 2moreyears!!!

Getting everything together, can't believe it's finally here! See ya soon!