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Hi everybody,

I got audited by CRNBC. I found it out when I renewed online this morning because there were audit questions. I answered all of them and met the requirements.

I'm just wondering what to expect next. Will I receive some documents from CRNBC? Do I have to do some paperworks after?



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I am not sure if CRNBC is now auditing on line entirely or if they still send out a written audit for you to complete and return to them.

A few years ago someone I worked with was audited and they had to complete a written form.

If that were me, I would give them a call or else email them with your question.

I have emailed them in the past, and they have provided a quick response.

You can check the CRNBC website and it does give some information on an audit.

NotReady4PrimeTime, RN

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You should get some communication from them as to your successful completion of your audit. Failing that, if they renew your registration without conditions, then you're good.