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CRNA Schools


Specializes in ICU. Has 4 years experience.

It’s time to get those apps ready! Who’s all applying? Multiple schools in mind or just one? Anyone else getting anxious? 😬

Hey!! Getting my stuff together (revamping resume, compiling transcript info, personal statements, thinking of who to get recommendations from). I am applying to 3 schools (UPenn, Drexel, Thomas Jefferson). Definitely anxious!!

usafrn833, BSN, MSN, EMT-P, APRN

Has 14 years experience.

Unfortunately, I will have to push my apps to next year. Many of them still require the recommendation letter from a CRNA even though no one is allowing shadow opportunities at this time (my shadow days in March were cancelled). Since many deadlines have come and gone, I have to wait until we are allowed to shadow again. It's frustrating to have all req's met except that and have to wait because of something frivolous. Good luck with your applications and interviews!