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Just curious to know what those of you in CRNA school think of the training you are receiving as compared to that of an anesthesiology residency. Thanks.


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The training is comparable. I believe that some schools have problems with competition for the "better" cases between residents and SRNAs. But, most graduate with plenty of experience in all aspects of anesthesia.


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thanks for the info. I was wondering because I have been reading lots of negative commentaries of anesthesiologists in regard to recent rulings that allow CRNA's to work without supervision. It seems that their main argument is that CRNA's donot receive the same quality of training that anesthesiologists do. Are you in school or out working as a CRNA? I'd be interested to hear about your experiences in the field.


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When the anesthesiologists say that the training is not as good, they often state that CRNA's only have two years of education of some other such thing. The purpose of those statements is to attempt to scare the public and sway politicians. Read the articles carefully and you will see the play on words and terms. In reality CRNA's are trained to do everything that they do with regard to anesthesia.

I am in school, having a blast. It is the best decision I could have made!


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Also, if you go to the AANA websites and read the review of a recently published paper, (forgot the title, it used to be some BS about CRNA under MD supervision) you will see that they can not even back up thier calms with data. In fact the data points to there being no difference, except for the artificial one they impart on there data collection techniques. If I get a chance I will get the URLfor you.


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