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Critical care to wound care?

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I was curious to see if any nurses have been hired for a wound care position with no med/surg experience. I have been going back and forth with the idea of obtaining my WOCN certification. I have just about 4 years of nursing experience in burns and cardiac but it is all critical care. Every position I have seen posted for wound care require at least 3 years of med/surg experience. Would it be a lost cause in getting certified prior to med/surg exp?


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I'd say go for it. If you have critical care they'll likely waive the med-surg requirement.

I just got a job in acute care 2 months ago as a WOC nurse and I had only home health RN experience (7 years) coming into this job. I'm almost finished with the WOC certification process (passed wound already, ostomy and continence exams are next month). It's been a challenge transitioning to acute care but I love it so far.