UCF's RN-BSN Online Program Input Needed!

  1. I have just been accepted to UCF's RN-BSN Program, set to start in mid-May. I would love to hear from other students who have entered this program, the following:

    1) Why or why don't you like this program? Have you had other programs to compare it to?
    2) Did you take the three, four, or five semester plan to get to graduation? Why or why not? How did it play a role in your GPA, and general life?
    3) How many hours were you working while attending school and what type of nursing were you working in concurrent with your studies? (Were you a CVICU, med-surg, PCU?)
    4) Any tips from those who have already experienced it?

    ANYTHING that you can provide me with would make me very thankful!

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  3. by   MC99
    I am probably going to get my ASN from DSN and then do this program. I am going to set up a meeting w/ the advisor. I think I may be able to do it in 2 semesters but you have started it by now so what do you think? Any info would be great