Talk about a day in the life of a CC Nurse

  1. Im going into my second semester of nursing school and thinking about what area I would like to go into. I thought it would be good to start a thread so Crtical Care nurses could walk us through a typical day in their unit. That way other nursing students who are curious can also come read it and get some kind of idea of what to expect.

    Doesnt matter whether you work NICU, PICU, MICU, ect, just state the kind of unit you are in, let us know what you love most or what you hate most and why you chose that specific unit. How long have you been there? What do you find most challenging about working in that unit? How long did it take for you to get comfortable?

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  3. by   Aryann0916

    im arlyn, a 4th year nursing student from ceu, philippines. i have a requirement and i need an icu nurse to answer my 3 questions.

    number of years as an icu/cc nurse:
    name of hospital you are currently employed:

    1. what are your roles as an icu nurse/critical care nurse?
    2. most significant experience you have encountered?
    3. knowledge, skills and attitude a critical care nurse must possess?

    to all who will answer, thank you in advanced. your answers are greatly appreciated.