Staffing in the ICU

  1. Our ICU is looking into becoming a closed unit. We are tired of the staffing office deciding what to do with our staff (i.e. floating, staying home). Does anyone have knowledge of working in a closed unit and what are the pros and cons?
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  3. by   Roach
    Pro's: you never have to float anywhere.
    you have full control over your staffing #'s

    Con's: you have to stop what you are doing when someone calls in sick and call everyone to TRY and replace them, if you are in charge of the unit, you have to do it or work understaffed.

    you are limited to only the people on your list and won't get anyone else's help if you are short staffed(unless you are lucky to use agency)

    you never expand your horizon's and learn new things on other floors of the hospital, don't meet very many people in your own hospital, learning other units isn't so bad.

    Good Luck