RCU ( Respiratory Care Unit) experience for CRNA school

  1. Hi everyone,

    I will be transferring from med-surge (1 yr 5 months experience) to RCU ( Respiratory Care Unit) in a busy level 1 Trauma hospital. I have the intention to eventually go on to CRNA school and was wondering if this area of critical care would be acceptable for CRNA school. The school I am looking to apply to states:

    ". Clinical experience should be direct hands-on patient care. The "critical care setting" is not limited to a specific work area. However, the complexity of the patient population's health problems should routinely require non-invasive and invasive monitoring, continuous pharmacologic infusions and mechanical ventilation. The CCRN credential serves as evidence of required knowledge and experience, and is highly regarded."

    This unit provides ventilation, drips, non-invasive monitoring not too sure about invasive monitoring, also will be sent to school for 6 weeks for the CCRN certification, am still a little hesitant because its not " ICU". Please help!!
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  3. by   Dodongo
    "It's not ICU"I think you just answered your own question there.
  4. by   christyness
    If you will qualify to take the CCRN, then it is considered a critical care unit.