Pulmonary risks in patients with burns

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    I'm doing a school project on risks of infection of a burned pt and my topic is pulmonary. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if I covered the pulmonary risks.
    airway edema, damaged cilia, pneumonia, acute respiratory distress syndrome. I'm not sure of the interventions of these since i'm still researching this topic. Any info is much appreciated.
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  3. by   JemJ
    We've seen burn patients who end up trached for long periods of time end up with tracheal stenosis, also, How deep is your topic? Severely burned patients or patients with inhalation injuries can go bad at any time. You also run the risks of the pt being unable to ventilate due to circumferential burns around the chest/back who need escharotomies to release the skin to allow the lungs to inflate. If you can't ventilate properly, you also deal with respiratory acidosis issues. Were they inside a closed space for a long period of time? Look at your CarboxyHgb levels, and check your lactic acid levels, also. This is a pretty involved topic depending on how comprehensive you need to be. Good luck!