Med Surg RN having interview for ICU & CCU

  1. Hello All. I've been in Med/Surg for about 1 year. I finally have the opportunity to interview for a critical care position!! I just want to ask, what should I expect on the interview and what may the nurse manager expect from me? Also, if I have the opportunity to choose, should I pick ICU or CCU? Please help me with some feedback my interview is Thurs and I'm both terrified and excited! Thanks in advance.

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  3. by   neurorn6
    Be yourself, obviously something on your application caught their attention. Make sure that you ask questions also. How long is your orientation? Will you have to float to other units if the census drops? Advance learning opportunities? They know that you are not an experienced ICU/CCU nurse. They will be looking to see if you will fit with their current team. Remember that most of us in ICU/CCU have strong personalities. As far as choosing, be flexible. Good luck