1. We are about to begin CRRT in our ICU and I was looking for reference material. We are going to be trained on the actual machine. Suggestions for books, texts, and other reference materials. Thanks.
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  3. by   Chisca
    Ask if you will be responsible for the treatment from beginning to end or are you going to use a shared model where the dialysis staff sets up and initiates the therapy.
  4. by   Georgia SRNA
    Which machine will you be using? NxStage? Prismaflex?
  5. by   EllaBella1
    Nxstage has a bunch of training videos on their website. I would watch those if you will be using that system.
  6. by   mcubed45
    Gambro has a bunch of training stuff on their website for the Prismaflex as well. The newer Prismaflex systems are pretty user friendly as far as setup and trouble shooting though. Just follow the on-screen instructions.