1. Hi everyone. I kindly ask for your help if anyone of you has CMC practice questions?? or what is the best study material i can use?? THANK YOU
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  3. by   Pheebz777
    I think I bought a $10 practice question book from AACN for the CMC exam. It was 200 questions with rationale. But honestly, I just studied with greater
    detail cardio/pulmonary material that I used for my CCRN and watched a lot of youtube videos. I took it 2 months after passing my CCRN just to keep things fresh in my mind.
  4. by   lionsimba
    Thank you! I just passed recently. I find it harder but I scored 67 (modesty aside). I thought I wasnt gonna pass but I followed what you just said. Focus on cardiac portions only. I notice their ECG and MI questions are harder than CCRN. They asked a lot about cardiomyopathy as well