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  1. Hey guys! I'm eligible to take my CCRN in about 6 months and I would like to get a head start on studying. For those of you who have taken it, which books/materials would you recommend? I've heard lots of great things about Lisa Gasparis and have looked into buying her tapes (i do learn well from listening) but am open to other things as well thanks!
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  3. by   ScottMedicRN
    Pretty much the only thing I used to pass was the Pass CCRN online practice questions. You WILL feel like an idiot at first, but as you read the rationales you will learn more and more.

    On the actual CCRN test, I felt like I didn't know a lot of answers, but my studying gave me the ability to think them through and pick the answer that was mot likely right. If you can grasp the concepts and then use logic even when you aren't sure of the answer, you should pass. The only strict information questions I saw were toxicology. There were some substances I really didn't know the effects of when overdosed on, but I guessed right.
  4. by   sjf526
    Sounds a lot like how I felt taking the nclex! Lol but thank you